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Being a good husband is like being a good stand-up comic.

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Oh, I thought I was gonna light things up with a Jerry Seinfeld quote today. But then it was about marriage. So it's not that light. Jerry Seinfeld says, being a good husband is like being a good stand up comic, you need 10 years before you can even call yourself a beginner. Somebody I'm not gonna name who is getting married in 2021. So I thought, hey, let's start the conversation about marriage. So here's what I think this quote means is that I feel like the first 10 years of a marriage is playing the board game risk. You're fighting for territory, by the way, never start a land war in Asia, you're fighting for territory. And you're like, just trying to grab as much as you can.

Andrew 1:09

Coming from the guy that has the 5050 rule that no matter what the fight is, so you you have a 5050 Division Are you the northern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere, because a Latin America,

Larry 1:21

and I did not come up with the 5050 proposition till about 12 years into this stupid thing. That's why I say I was playing risk trying, new thermonuclear war trying to win it all.

Andrew 1:31

How far? How far in are you for

Larry 1:34

I am even married guy think 16 years.

Andrew 1:38

You said this wasn't really a bit or a joke. But I think this is kind of funny. But people can relate to the being a good husband thing. But the thing I kind of gravitated towards was the being a good stand up like talking or just doing a new skill. I think being good stand up takes 10 years because to get your 10,000 hours you do it two or three minutes at a time. And I don't know if I fully buy into this analogy of I think he's doing the bit I think this is to me, this is him, commenting on how hard stand up comedy is. And marriage is also hard, but everyone kind of understands it. For someone who's never been married, I don't know if it takes you 10 years. It totally does.

Larry 2:17

He's totally true. But here's the key. Here's what I think you were getting at what do you not get better at the longer you do? Like, what? What job? What? improviser? What anything, do you not get better at if you have 10 years experience? You become better at everything. The longer you do it right?

Andrew 2:35

Yeah, I guess he's saying that marriage gets you become more proficient at it. The longer you do it, in theory, unless you step out.

Larry 2:46

Well, but he so yeah, so here's my analogy with that, right. It's the NFL, like I we host a sports talk show. And we were talking about the NFL season, saying there is no way in god's green earth. They're gonna get the NFL season in a full pandemic in this country. Guess what? They got the full season in and here's what they did. They just kept going. They're like, Hey, we're gonna move a game to Tuesday. We're gonna move a game to Wednesday. We're gonna have half the team not play. It didn't matter. People won, they lost. They just kept playing it that the season continued. It's only when you stop the season, that you don't get to the point of having experience like, I really feel like Jerry's saying, Hey, this is basically the NFL season in Coronavirus.

Andrew 3:28

Marriage is like the NFL season yeah Coronavirus.

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Andrew 3:32

Yeah, I mean, I guess I guess so every relationship or even relationships with friends which I can speak to more than marriage. But yeah, friendships sometimes end and that's fine, but you're not gonna get better at that friendship. If it ends

Larry 3:49

you know, the single life is so centric right? It's just like you make a decision based on yourself and then you dramatically shift to this like it's not about me it's about we kind of thing and it's like then it's it's truly like the how you work through the middle we and I think that just the only way to do that is experience that you can only learn the wheat and me Whatever it is, if you kind of work in it got it frickin took me like almost 12 years.

Andrew 4:20

I like that you can only learn through experience because you can read I mean, we're reading books right now about premarital. And moving into the meat we and but like you can, I could I could give you Tiger Woods example of the best way to hit a 60 degree wedge and you can read it and you can fully understand it until you actually feel it. You're not going to do it. So

Larry 4:45

just I want to pile on that example because I love it is like comedian sale all the time hecklers like your, your, you know your first time comedian, you're running through your routine and all of a sudden someone rejects right in the middle tries to throw you off. And you I'm assuming as a comedian, you get that Better at dealing with people heckling you like you can. If someone Jerry Seinfeld told me how to do it, I wouldn't do it until I went out and actually did it.

Andrew 5:08

Yeah, I mean, or if you're having a discussion with your wife and she started tackling you, it kind of you can lose. Kind of it's funny that, like Billy Merritt was saying last last week, or whenever that was about improv and life and he's like, go doing a breakup scene, thinking that that's hilarious. That's not really what Jerry Seinfeld's talking about, but like just being living life, you're just going to get better at it. So get off your phone, go live some life. That was very sad.

Larry 5:37

But just the analogy that I like to make is that my friend is a city planner. And I think I could probably be a city planner, if I maybe worked at it. But the fact that he's been a city planner for 15 years, he just knows all of the codes, that if you want to build a gas station, he knows that code, enter into the computer. If you come in looking for a liquor license, he just automatically knows the code doesn't have to look it up. I just think that comes with experience in anything you do. You just have that experience to be able to do things quicker. And me and my wife can make decisions 10 times quicker now, by the way, we don't have that figured out, then we could at the beginning.

Andrew 6:16

Yeah, yeah, you can be anything you want to be it just takes practice, right?

Larry 6:20

A minute. Is this an army commercial be all you can be to just

Andrew 6:27

it's an army of one. I mean, the most in front of our face example is Episode One of this show versus Episode 202. We're in the two hundreds now. Or I think about my first day of my construction job. I didn't know anything. 10 years later, I feel like I'm proficient and understanding the sequence of events.

Larry 6:48

I think that construction things are great examples. Well, because right, you know, you learn the theory of construction, but but you also now know that you have to deal with an actual electrician and how do you deal with this salty ass? You know, how do you deal with a plumber, a roofer all like, learning how to deal with those guys is part of the job of being in construction.

Andrew 7:07

Yeah, or if you buy an NBA franchise and you have to deal with James Harden, it can be difficult. Well, if you want to join the army of one, please reach out you can find us at repost a podcast on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I'm Andrew Keller for Karen Olsen, saying thanks for stopping by.

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