Larry Olson

 Question Evangelist

Is it possible to change the world just by talking less and asking more questions?

How much better would your marriage or partnership be if you asked more questions? Would your friendships improve if you asked more questions? Could your professional life change if you asked more questions? What would happen if politicians asked each other more questions? Can you become a better citizen just by asking more questions?

At the end of your typical day, have you asked or answered more questions?

Most of us talk far more than we question. Why? The answer is complicated and that’s because human beings are now complicated.

In just 15-minutes I can encourage you to become someone who can think question first. And on top of that, give you some tools to ask quality questions.

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Do you want more Larry outside of the rePOSTED Podcast?  Have him come speak at your company’s monthly staff meeting, church, Elks Lodge, Soroptimist Club, Chamber of Commerce, tree lighting ceremony or bar mitzvah, he would be happy to do so. It costs what you think it’s worth, as in, if you what give me ten-thousand dollars and fly me to your corporate retreat in Snow Valley or if you want me to take the gig for free, just shoot my agent an email and we can work something out: